Columbus Day 2020 – Monday, October 12th

We have a plethora of activities planned for this October 12th while following NJ state health department guidelines child care group size and safety procedures. Hot morning snack and lunch, as well as afternoon snack, to be included.

We will take children ages 6 to 12 years old for this one day camp and for this one day camp – children may be dropped as early as 8 AM and picked up as late as 6 PM.

We will be spending considerable time outdoors so make sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes for outdoor play. With multiple groups and availability of different sports coaches differing the sample schedule below may not be the exact day your child experiences in the camp.

Sample Day

9:00 AM – Free Play (as early as 8)
9:15 AM – Yoga & Kung Fu
9:45 AM – Morning Snack
10:00 AM – Team Kubb Competition in Columbus Park
10:30 AM – Story Circle and Chalk Comic Panels
11:15 AM – Billiards and Golf
12:00 AM – Hot Lunch
12:30 PM – Basketball and Four Square
1:30 PM – Tennis Instruction
2:30 PM – Free Play
3:00 PM – Foosball and Darts
4:00 PM – Board Game Play until Pickup (anytime up until 6 pm)


Our facility is a family recreation center that features indoor golf (golf simulators), pool tables, ping pong tables, a board game cafe with over 300 board games & card games and foosball tables. A slot car racing room is in the process of being added (expected availability November 2020). We have dart boards which may only be used under adult supervision.

Our goal is to keep the children outdoors for more than half the day – but the facility has an entire floor measuring 136 x 114 (15,504 square feet) enabling us to keep individual groups far enough apart. The facility will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. Our two main air conditioners have been upgraded with Merv-13 air filters (hospital grade).


Click here to enroll now! Once registered you will receive an email from hobokendaycamp@gmail.com confirming your registration. We will send you an invoice for any additional children including all discounts.

All employees, whether interacting with children or not, are subject to background checks to ensure the safety of your children.

If you have any questions, would like additional information, or have an issue with using the registration form, please e-mail us at hobokendaycamp@gmail.com or call our camp director Max Mayer at 201-286-0030.

If you’d like to tour the facility before enrolling your child, that can be arranged as well.

Contact us with any questions you may have