Q. What time will you be at 1012 Grand? What time will you be “out and about”?
A. We will depart 1012 Grand at 10 AM daily. We will return to 1012 Grand by 3 PM daily. Campers will be out and about for most of the time between 10 AM and 3 PM.

Q. What about food?
A. One of the goals of the camp is to help revitalize Hoboken restaurants – so we’ll be having lunch at various Hoboken spots almost every day. We will tend to take our lunch early and also have an afternoon snack. All is included in the cost of the camp. There will generally be at least two food options for lunch – and we will try to send a menu in advance of the camp, so you can send your child with food if the food options do not work.

Q. Are you accommodating allergies or religious/ethical dietary restrictions?
A. We will not be serving nuts – but we are not able to guarantee our facility or the restaurants we patronize will be nut-free. The same is true for soy, diary, egg, wheat, gluten, and other common allergies. We will take all reasonable precautions to accommodate any dietary restrictions your child may have.

Q. Who are the counselors?
A. All counselors are adults who we have background checked and who have experience working with children.

Q. How early/late can my child arrive?
A. Camp starts at 9 AM, but if you need to drop off at 8 AM, we can accommodate you at extra cost. Between 8 and 9 AM your child will need to wear a mask and social distance. You may drop off your child as late as 10 AM because at 10 AM we are likely to depart the facility.

Q. How early/late can I pick my child up?
A. You may pick up your child as early as 3 PM. If you need to pick up your child later than 4 PM, we can accommodate you at extra cost. Between 4 and 6 PM your child will need to wear a mask and social distance. We are not able to permit pick ups earlier than 3 PM because we are likely to be out and about. If there is an emergency – please contact our main office and we will make arrangements to retrieve your child early.