Q. What time will the campers be at 1012 Grand? What time will they be “out and about”?
A. Campers will be out and about for most of the time between 10 AM and 3 PM, though it is difficult to say in advance due to weather and coach availability. If you require significantly late drop off or early pick up, we can be in touch by text to arrange meeting up.

Q. What about food?
A. All is included in the cost of the camp. If you wish to send your child in with their own lunch and snacks, you can, and please alert us to any dietary restrictions you child may have.

Q. Are you accommodating allergies or religious/ethical dietary restrictions?
A. We will take all reasonable precautions to accommodate any dietary restrictions your child may have. If you have particular and specific needs however we recommend you to send in their own food with your child.

Q. Who are the counselors?
A. All counselors are adults who we have background checked and who have experience working with children.

Q. How early/late can my child arrive?
A. Camp starts at 9 AM, but if you need to drop off at 8 AM we will have Open Play for that first hour.

Q. How early/late can I pick my child up?
A. After 4 PM and before 6 PM is when the children will have Open Play while awaiting pick up.