We are taking numerous precautions to keep all children (and counselors) safe:

Our facility will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. Our facility has Merv-13 air filters on its two main air conditioners. The size of our facility relative to the number of children is quite large (we anticipate over 200 square feet of space per person in the facility). We will also be spending as much time outdoors as possible.

We will be taking the temperature of all children and adults upon entry and denying admittance to anyone with a temperature above 100.4. In the event that a counselor has a temperature – a backup counselor will substitute (the backup counselor will wear a mask).

Beyond all of this – we intend to spend half our time “out and about” and most of that time outdoors.

Needed Items

Each camper will be provided with one ORANGE shirt.

Additional shirts may be purchased for $15 per shirt.
Your camper is required to wear an orange shirt each day of camp – it does NOT need to be the supplied shirt, but it does need to be the same shade of orange (it’s a regular orange color)

Every camper will also need:

Change of Clothes
Empty Water Bottle (with Name)
Yoga Mat (with Name)
Cloth Face Mask
Umbrella (with Name)

Once your camper is registered you’ll be sent a form so that we have all pertinent information about your child – please send it back prior to the first day of camp.